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Stress Less Now will give you the know-how and power to reduce your stress and take back your life!

In this course, you will learn to recognize stress build-up through symptom awareness and identify stress-reducing strategies best suited to your lifestyle and your personality. This six-module system will walk you through everything you need to know to create your own Stress Reduction Blueprint.

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This course provides you with the tools you need to reduce, resolve, and manage your stress effectively. You no longer have to be consumed by fear and anxiety. You don’t have to meet each day with exhaustion. Stress Less Now can teach you to break the hold stress has on your life.

I've outlined everything in these 6 modules!

The Stress Cup Theory

This module is an introduction to the course and the Stress cup Theory. Learn how to empty your cup of stress before you experience an emotional overflow.

Bright, Red, Warning Signs!

Learn to improve your stress symptom awareness. Early detection is key to reduce the time it takes to recover from stress!

Which Stress is Which?

There are two different kinds of stress, in this module you will learn how to distinguish between the two, and the step-by-step Positive Problem Solving process.

Coping is Crucial!

Not all coping strategies are healthy or effective. Healthy coping skills act like release valves, reducing the stress in your cup and your life.

How Do You Cope Best?

In this module, you will discover which coping strategy style best suits you and your personality.

Putting the Pieces Together

It’s time to take everything you have learned and incorporate it into a personal Stress Reduction Blueprint.

Who is this course for?

This course for anyone who is exhausted by carrying the weight of their stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and worn out, you are in the right place! Stress Less Now can teach you to resolve and manage the stress in your life.

Are you suffering from a lack of energy and motivation?

Are you easily irritated by things that used to roll off your back?

Are you having difficulty falling asleep at night and waking up still tired?

Are you ready to relax and enjoy your life?

You Have The Power to Overcome Stress! Let Me Show You How!

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Kind Words From My Students

My job can be very stressful and brings me into high conflict situations regularly. The Stress Less Now modules were a fantastic way for me to really learn about what stress is, how it affects me (some of which were surprising), and gave me new ways to manage and overcome stress with confidence. After applying the module information to my life, I feel more confident and my stress and anxiety have decreased because I finally understand my stress triggers! I’ve been able to set up better boundaries and advocate for me! I would recommend Stress Less Now to anyone, even if you feel you know about stress! Rebecca is very personable and uses understandable language and relatable examples so it’s easy to connect and understand!

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This includes all modules, downloadable assessments and worksheets!

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